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Another one of those older, run-down dorms with fun people, Smith Hall provides a great experience for many first year students at Florida State University.

Since it’s an older, lower quality dorm, Smith Hall is one of the cheapest available. It’s a great place, however, for people on a budget who want to meet some other fun freshmen. That’s something to keep in mind.

The dorm rooms are pretty small, so this is one of the many reasons that students at Smith Hall tend to stay away from their rooms all day and socialize in other Florida State University campus locations during their free time. This is one of the ways you can end up meeting other really fun and interesting people in the dorm.

Although this building isn’t in as good living conditions as the recently refurbished dorms on campus, you do get a nice bathroom down the hall that is cleaned by the staff so it’s one less thing you need to worry about. Smith Hall is another good quality freshman year dorm.

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Smith Hall Floor Plan (courtesy:

Smith Hall FSU Floor Plan

Smith Hall FSU Dorm Room Details
Floors: 9
Number of Occupants: 553
Meal Plan: Optional
Bathrooms: Communal
Coed: Yes
Residents: Freshmen and upperclassmen
Room Types: Doubles
Special Features: Built-in furniture, community kitchens, computer lab, ice machine, in-room sinks, laundry rooms, limited visitation, recreation room, study rooms, TV lounge, vending machines.

Smith Hall FSU Address

Smith Hall
78 Chieftain Way
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4177


Smith Hall FSU Dorm on Florida State University Campus


  1. Denis Smith says:

    From the looks of things, Smitty has been improved considerably since I lived there in the 1975-76 school year.When I lived there, the beds were cement slabs built into the walls. The only furniture provided was a very large desk (taking up about 60% of the floor space, a refrigerator & a double laundry hamper.

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