Tips To Help You Stay In Shape While Living Off FSU Campus

When you’re living off FSU campus, it’s very easy to fall off track and get into some pretty bad shape health wise. You’ve probably heard of the freshman 15, but in reality, it is all about the potential weight gain through all 4 years in college. This can be very easy due to cafeteria food […]

How To Maintain Your Off Campus Tallahassee, Florida home And Get Your Deposit Back

It is very important to take care of your student Tallahassee, Florida home in order to get your deposit back. This deposit, spread out amongst you and your roommates, can come out to a few hundred dollars for each of you. That is a good amount of money for a college student at FSU, so […]

How To Carpool With Your FSU Roommates

Carpooling, especially for Florida State University students, is great for many reasons. You’re being more environmentally friendly and will be able to save cash amongst roommates by splitting the cost of gas. Everyone gets to take turns driving so not one person has to be driving all the time. In addition, it is common in […]

Tips On Moving Into Your Off FSU Campus Home

Moving into your new home off Florida State campus home can be overwhelming.  What to pack?  Do you have everything needed for an off campus apartment? While you may think the whole moving process is stressful, it’s not as bad as you think it is. It’s only as stressful as to make it. First of […]

How To Manage Your Budget While Living Off Florida State University Campus

So how do you plan on managing your budget while living off FSU campus? The initial thought of managing your own money for many different reasons, for possibly even the first time in your life, can seem like such a daunting task. When you are living on campus, payments for your laundry, housing, and dining […]

Best Place to Study – The FSU Library Or At Your Off Campus Tallahassee Home?

As an FSU student living off campus, you have many temptations, such as brushing off studying for the exam to hang out with your buddies. For some people, they really need to study and get work done in the library to isolate themselves from all the distractions at their off campus housing. It’s so easy […]

Student Time Management Tips While Living in Tallahassee, Florida Off Campus

Living off campus during your time at FSU is a privilege (and fun too!). Of course, with this privilege, comes great responsibility. You’ll be tempted to mess around more often, party more when you should be studying, or possibly even miss class to have fun with your friends. However, to make the most out of […]

Staying Safe While Living Off FSU Campus in Tallahassee, Florida

Living off FSU campus is such an awesome experience.  You’re finally living on your own! You make the rules you live by along with your roommates.  No more parental house or dorm campus rules. One of the things that most students don’t think about enough when planning to live off FSU campus is the issue […]

Pros and Cons of Living Off FSU Campus in Tallahassee, Florida

Are you an FSU student thinking about living off campus? There are probably many reasons you are considering this, but make sure you understand what your needs are and take into account the pros and cons of living off FSU campus. Everyone is different, so make sure you really think about things before you take […]

Tips on Picking Roommates to Share Your Off-Campus Apartment Near FSU

College is a great time, and once you have the opportunity to move to off-campus housing in an apartment near FSU, the experience gets even better. When you are no longer living on campus, you are truly living on your own, most likely the first time in your life. You need to pick the right […]