Wildwood Hall

Wildwood Hall FSU Review Built in 2007, Wildwood Hall is one of the newest dorms on campus, so expect living there to cost more, but you do get a much bigger living space and much better living conditions compared to the cheaper, older dorms at Florida State University. The rooms are really that nice in […]

Smith Hall

Smith Hall FSU Review Another one of those older, run-down dorms with fun people, Smith Hall provides a great experience for many first year students at Florida State University. Since it’s an older, lower quality dorm, Smith Hall is one of the cheapest available. It’s a great place, however, for people on a budget who […]

Salley Hall

Salley Hall FSU Review Salley Hall isn’t one of the newly renovated dorms with the updated amenities that students flock to. Regardless, students at Florida State University still love Salley Hall for its community and people. It is known as one of the more social dormitories at FSU, so if you like being around amicable […]

Reynolds Hall

Reynolds Hall FSU Review Reynolds Hall is another great overall place for freshman Florida State University students. Reynolds has a low-key environment that is nothing like the ruckus at DeGraff Hall, so you can get some high quality study hours in the Reynolds Hall study areas. It’s another great experience for those students at Florida […]

Landis Hall

Landis Hall FSU Review You can call Landis Hall “Hotel Landis” as many of the students like to call it. This is due to the really nice dorm rooms this building has. It’s mainly for freshman honors students, so don’t expect a loud and wild environment here. If you happen to be someone who is […]

Kellum Hall

Kellum Hall FSU Review There are good things and bad things to be said about living at Kellum Hall. Some of the bad things about the dorm really deal with the facilities themselves. This is one of the oldest buildings on campus, so in terms of how the place looks and your comfort, Kellum Hall […]

Jennie Murphree Hall

Jennie Murphree FSU Hall Review Jennie Murphee Hall is an all girls dormitory, so for those females who like to mingle with both genders, this might not be your ideal dorm. Regardless, this is one of the best dorms on the Florida State University campus. Why’s that? It is one of the more expensive buildings […]

Gilchrist Hall

Gilchrist Hall FSU Review Similar to Broward Hall, Gilchrist Hall is one of the ideal dorms to live in for students on Florida State University’s campus. It’s popular.  Most likely due to the fairly recent renovations. Students, especially freshmen, go crazy trying to apply and gain access to live in Gilchrist Hall dorm. Gilchrist Hall […]

Dorman Hall

Dorman Hall FSU Review Dorman Hall is a pretty solid dorm on Florida State University’s campus. This is mainly due to its central location, so there is easy access to the important parts of campus. As a freshman, this is a great advantage for you can have as you are trying to learn where everything […]

Deviney Hall

Deviney Hall FSU Review Deviney Hall is a great dorm on FSU’s campus for that first year college experience.  Well, if you considered part of your first year in college living in a run down dorm, and dreaming of getting your own Tallahassee apartment near FSU in the future. This dorm is old compared to […]

DeGraff Hall

DeGraff Hall FSU Review If you happen to be the social, fun type, then DeGraff Hall is the right dorm for you. Students in DeGraff historically know how to have fun. So if this is something you would consider ideal for you, then you might have found your target housing in DeGraff Hall. However, if […]

Cawthon Hall

Cawthon Hall FSU Review Music majors love Cawthon Hall as it is a Living and Learning Community primarily for music majors. Even though RAs change regularly in the dorms, for some reason Cawthon Hall has the reputation of consistently having exceptionally nice resident assistants.  So if you happen to have any issues with housing or […]

Bryan Hall

Bryan Hall FSU Review Bryan Hall is one of the smaller dorms on campus that is for freshmen only. It’s a Living and Learning Community, so you are required to apply in order to get into this dorm. Students living in Bryan Hall are required to take a general education class within the hall each […]

Broward Hall

Broward Hall FSU Review For incoming freshmen and transfers at Florida State University, Broward Hall is one of the ideal dorms to get into. This hall is one of the remodeled dorms on campus, so students are all about acquiring housing here. These truly are nice campus dorms. The only downside to living in Broward […]